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Mysuru (recently changed its name from Mysore) is one of South India's most popular tourist destinations. Known for its magnificent palaces, monuments and buildings, the city with its royal heritage thrives on tourism, art & culture and a rich tradition of education. There are many attractions to explore some of which are World Heritage sites.

Traditionally known for its Silk (Mysore Silk), Jasmine(Mysure Mallige), Sandalwood products(Mysore Sandal), Mysore Painting and Mysore Pak, the city is now an important business hub in Karnataka. Mysuru is now a world famous center for Yoga and yoga practitioners from around the world come here to learn yoga form the city's many gurus and teachers.

The city served as the capital of Kingdom of Mysore ruled by the Woyedar dynasty for nearly six centuries. Known as the Cultural Capital of South India, Mysuru is world renowned for its famous Dasara Festivities celebrated over a 10-day period.

Due to its geographical location and a pleasant climate Mysuru is an ideal place to live in. The city is well connected by rail and road from all major cities in India. The Mysuru city has been voted as the cleanest city in India.

Area 152 km2 (60.12 sq mi)
Time Zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Postal index number 570 0xx
Telephone 91-(0)821-XXX-XXXX
Official Language Kannada
Official Website

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